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Five Dysfunctions of a Company

From Medium: Five Dysfunctions of a Company

Many companies, in a desperate try to prevent deconstruction, find change inevitable. They look for ways to make it work to their advantage. The execution part of it is where they fail. Yes, they can try to innovate when everyone around them is innovating, but internally is where they are unable to get over traditions established generations ago. Internal communications boards get filled with representatives looking for clarification and guides on the newest products, and that information is missing, like doughnuts at the doughnut shop around noon, and On The Border Salsa Con Queso at Kroger. Basically, the companies are both disrupting and trolling themselves internally.

It is not just your local stores losing money due to lack of communication between devices and humans. It is not just the contractor failing to deliver exactly four jars of On The Border Salsa Con Queso to local Kroger. The communication divide between companies and consumers is getting wider and wider. Wider than the distance between the speaker and your car in McDonald’s drive-thru. More options are being added to phone trees, but fewer people are there to answer it. The lack of basic understanding of services by own employees makes companies extremely vulnerable.

Ads Are Entertainment That Works

From Medium Ads are entertainment that works.

You have to surrender a bit of logic in order to enjoy the above recent productions. In return for that willful ignorance, we get a piece of entertainment and the reaffirmation that, storylines repeat. Every heist movie starts with the janitor. Somehow, every piece of sophisticated equipment can fit under the janitor’s bucket, just like E.T. can move bits of data across galaxies with a couple of tree branches.

And even though we understand the repetitiveness of story lines, we tend to enjoy different approaches to the same material. Different angles to the same story provide new sources of entertainment. Something like football plays repeated over and over, from different angles, looking for a story to tell.

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Why Advertising Matters?

From Medium: Why Advertising Matters

These days, narratives are created much faster. You’re either a GIF or a hashtag. ESPN claimed “too logical, pick a side!“ Content is being created so fast that some story lines had to be simplified.

Need to conquer the galaxy? Sure, go to planet Kamino and buy an army. Need to conquer the continent of Westeros? Yeah, the Unsullied, in Astapor, can’t go wrong with them.

As a variety of content keeps moving through different media channels, consumers are becoming more adjust to technologies and are able to focus on the message, or, as Saul Goodman politely mentioned “let’s not fixate on the medium, let’s look at the message.”

For example, on, any better self-publishing author will pay for a book cover design in order to get buyers’ attention and clicks. Publishers may pay for preferred listing as well, but they still need to have visually rich, useful or intriguing content in order to sell. In other words, they need to deliver.

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Reaching Your Audience is Winning

From Medium: Reaching Your Audience is Winning

Computer processing power doubles every 18 months, Gordon Moore noticed, but events powered by computers tend to move even faster. A single tweet, apparently, can start revolutions or, more commonly, destroy companies.

What to do then, when the infrastructure is in place and people are trained, but no win, like the Cowboys?

False sense of security can come from exactly that, infrastructure in place and mandatory quarterly training. With Microsoft office on every computer, the story goes, employees can create miracles. PowerPoint is so easy, a drag-and-drop pre-set interface and, major bonus here, can print slides and use them as posters around the office. Sounds familiar, right? If only Andy Warhol had PowerPoint.