Why asking about SEO is wrong and how to approach SEO?

Positioning your website on top of the search results is a great mission to have. Why is asking about search engine optimization (SEO) wrong in that context? Search engine optimization is a multi-discipline approach and focusing on elements of SEO may give you better results. 

Trying to encompass all of SEO at the same time is the wrong path to take. To climb a mountain, in other words, and reach the top, you need to start by researching. What are your goals within SEO and how to get there. 

SEO Questions in the Way

Some common SEO questions are: How do I get my website or my product up there, on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? How do I accomplish getting my website on top of Google Search Results through search engine optimization? Is there a better way to do SEO rather than spending hours on modifying content to accommodate what Google is looking for?

SEO is a discipline sometimes so complex that it is better to view it from the distance. At the top of your list are all SEO questions, and that is where most people start. A mountain may not look so impressive from the distance, or in pictures, but once you want to climb it, hopefully, the need for right paths is what gets on top of your list. Meaning, you need a decent amount of research to approach the SEO mountain.

why asking about seo is wrong

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, is more common) are one way to approach your SEO project. With a number of set objectives in mind and on paper, it is easier to divide and conquer your objectives. What we want here is to divide SEO in a set of objectives. At that point we are not talking about SEO no longer. We are talking about more specific objectives that feed this behemoth called SEO. 

That is why it is wrong to ask about SEO. 

If you dig deeper into KPIs you will find challenges that can be overcome and problems that can be resolved. Smart website design and user experience is one way to approach it. For example, converting visitors to clients, or simply improving the bounce rate with engaging content, among other things. Our direction is different here.We are going down and digging into the needs and asks. We are not trying to reach the summit right away.

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