John’s Paradise: Bad Day

John N. Paradise, an online writer, is having a bad day. It started with an online review of his work that did not end up with just RE:, or 🙁 . It was RE:venge. Read here about one’s quest for non-freedom of speech and love lost. Published in 2007, it is a rare ahead-of-time story about blood-spilling online reviews.

John’s Paradise 2: Flu Shot

Doctors are more pain than the flu shot. What connection have credit cards and volcanoes? Questions do not stop, but answers are funny. Enjoy!

“I like it!” – Author’s mom
“5 stars” – My son while counting the stars in the sky
“Incredible!” – A guy on phone while waiting in line

Ahead of time, a humorous look at the state of healthcare, a comic book inspired by euro-satire and very dry humor.

Atlas - comic book by Venes Alic and Sasha Gelemanovic

Atlas: The Coming of Padobah (Book 1)

Atlas, a quiet country boy, who could move smaller objects with his mind, became a center of the story in a small kingdom recovering from the war, finished fifteen years ago after the wizard Padobah was killed…and Atlas was born.

Demons: Towers of 75

A beautiful, dark and twisted short graphic novel, and the very first collaboration between Venes Alic and Sasha Gelemanovic, about Demons that cannot be stopped, even when we thing that the bullet may be enough.

Suzie Q: The Shadow King

A beautifully drawn story, the very first collaboration between Venes Alic and Filip Andronk, about a shadow that lives on its own, until it meets Suzie Q.

The Last Private

A 4-page “remix” comic story about the last_final_v3 world war that will make most people disappear. The only thing remaining will be a car dealership slogan: “We don’t care how you get here, just get here.”

This was a collaboration between Venes Alic and Filip Andronik.