Commercial Words, web & video by Venes Alic

Ads are so short people call it poetry.

Ads can get your attention in the blink of an eye. That’s how fast they should work. Venes writes scripts for TV commercials, copy and code for websites, edits videos for clients, creates social media campaigns, and more, working from his home, Dallas Texas.

Copywriting & TV Commercials

Conceptualizing narratives.

Working directly with clients and creative directors, and developing scripts for videos to run on different platforms and devices.

Writing work

Video Editing

Lights, camera, got it all.

Conceptualizing and creating short videos is a great way to incorporate different media into a more coherent narrative.

Video work

Difficult times. Even Quentin Tarantino supplements his income by writing books as a side gig.
September, 2021

Creating stories

Imagine and Click.

Side projects, reacting to daily events, working with new tools, writing short cartoons, creating animations, and more. This is a way to stay creative, unofficially.


Comics. Graphic Novels. Cartoons.

Funny, sad and scary stories.

It’s the story that matters. Written by Venes.

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Short Movies

Funny, sad and scary stories.

It’s the story that matters. 

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